General Services

  • The intent and purpose of this program is to provide prevention and diversionary services to male and female Aboriginal prisoners, offenders and those at risk, in the Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln areas.
  • APOSS is also committed to providing support to the families of those incarcerated

How do we do this?

For clients who have exited the prison system, APOSS endeavours to reduce recidivism rates by:

  • Providing temporary accommodation to offenders exiting the prison system
  • Clients residing in APOSS properties, and/or all Through Care Clients, are case managed to address all areas of the client's social and emotional wellbeing
  • Linking clients into further education
  • Providing opportunities to volunteer at APOSS
  • Encouraging clients to participate in life skill programs

Offering clients the opportunity to complete community service hours

For clients who are currently incarcerated, service delivery focuses on 'Through-Care'. This means:

  • The establishment of case management plans begins via the assessment stage whilst clients are incarcerated.
  • It is anticipated through regular visits to prisons and rapport building with offenders, the case management plan will address client needs in a holistic way, to help smooth the transition from incarceration to successful integration into the community
  • Clients can request a professional visit by APOSS to address any presenting issues or concerns. This can be arranged through the ALO or Social Worker
  • APOSS provides a 7-12 seat bus once per month, to transport families to Port Augusta and Cadell Prisons to visit loved ones

Referral to APOSS General

  • Referral can be initiated in the first instance by the client by contacting APOSS to arrange an appointment to meet with a CSW
  • Referral can be made by a service agency on behalf of a client, provided the client has given consent
  • Referral may be made by the ALO or social worker in the prison, at the request of the client
  • Referral forms are available on this website


Many of our clients attend weekly programs and activities in conjunction and support with our partners, which includes:

Yard Crew Activities
Clients are actively involved once per week to perform basic cleaning and maintenance duties at our APOSS properties. This activity is also a great opportunity for those people who have been ordered to perform community service, to complete their hours and disengage from the Justice System.

Women's Group
Women have an opportunity to attend the Women's Group weekly, where they can engage with other like women and learn to make products such as moisturizer cream and soap.

Men's Group
Men are encouraged to attend this safe environment to talk about the issues that Indigenous people are confronted with daily. Clients have an opportunity to acknowledge and utilise their cultural strengths to promote positive community integration.

Cooking Classes
Once per week as a group activity, clients learn and participate in preparing and cooking simple, nutritious meals.

Weekly BBQ
The weekly BBQ is held once per week in various locations such as the park or the beach, depending on the weather. The aim is to provide opportunities for clients to socialize and positively interact with other clients from numerous agencies, in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment.

Art Program
Once per week clients have an opportunity to express themselves through their individual art work.