Parrappendi program
February 15, 2012
APOSS is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Aboriginal Sobriety Group and Nunkuwarrin Yunti,  that the inaugural enhanced Mens Group  Parrappendi program commenced yesterday. Some 26 clients began a journey of personal discovery designed to lead to enhanced social and emotional well being. This 16 week journey is planned to culminate in a very special finale demonstrating personal achievement in a practical way in late May/early June. Watch this space for details! read more


APOSS Program Funding Boost
January 4, 2012
APOSS is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth Attorney General has agreed to provide additional Program Funds in recognition and support of APOSS' groungbreaking throughcare initiatives.  We are confident that this will lead to material and practical support for APOSS' extensive Client base comprising of Women, Men and Youth. read more


Service Excellence Accreditation
January 4, 2012
APOSS is currnetly undergoing a Service Excellence Accreditation process to ensure its operations meet currrent Best Practice.  It is confidently anticipated that the Organisation will gain Certification in early 2012.  read more


2011-2012 APOSS Board
January 4, 2012
APOSS is pleased to announce its "new" Board as follows: Chairperson Mr Major (Moogy) Sumner Deputy Chairperson Ms Patricia Waria-Read Public Officer Mr Don Hayward Secretary Ms Jennifer Hayes Treasurer Mr Tauto Sansbury General Member Mr Harry Harun General Member Mr Malcolm Davies General Member Vacancy All Board Members are Aboriginal and highly committed to progressing APOSS into the future.  read more


APOSS Christmas - New Year Hours
December 19, 2011
APOSS Offices will be open throughout the Christmas - New Year period except for gazetted public holidays.   read more